Attia is a diversified asset management, development and real estate investment platform focused on the residential, multifamily and senior housing markets.

Attia’s team and partners have decades of experience in all aspects of the real estate industry, leading the company to rapidly grow its current platform of projects to more than USD $200 million.


Attia seeks to create long term value through its real estate assets and unique investment opportunities. We provide our investors access to the Colombian and U.S real estate markets, focusing on projects that generate above market returns while minimizing downside risks.



Our multidisciplinary management team is led by Jonatan Lustgarten and Bernardo Asuaje with 15+ years of experience in real estate investments and is complemented by a group of experts from a variety of sectors, including, real estate, asset management, finance, private equity, construction, sales and marketing.


We recognize that in order to succeed we must partner with the best. That is why an integral
part of our business is finding the correct investors, development partners and strategic
allies that share our values and goals.

Jonatan Lustgarten

Managing Director

Bernardo Asuaje

Managing Director

José Alfredo Jiménez

Director of Operations & Finance

Yuly Sanjuan

Director of Business Development

Erika Meisel

Director of Marketing

José Jiménez

Director of Accounting

Margarita Sanjuan

Project Manager

Natalia Ruiz

Project Manager

Eduardo Marín

Senior Living Director of Operations

Carlos Sanchez M.D

Senior Living COO

Lina Henao

Senior Living Director of Marketing

Natalia Graciano


Hugo Rincón

Finance Associate

Manuela Arango

Investor Relations

María Rodríguez

Investor Relations

Mauren Soto

Process Coordinator

Sebastian Rua

Project Architect

David García

Construction Resident

Mauren Lozano

Digital Content Creator

Hans Martínez

Creative Designer

Daniel Quigua

Accounts Receivable

Harold Rachath


Marylin Cantillo

Accounting Assistant

Cristian Albarracin

Senior Sales Associate

Javier Mendoza

Sales Asocciate

Julieth Dickens

Sales Asocciate

Yibana Santamaria

Sales Asocciate

Ángela Pérez

Sales Asocciate